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Home - Quick Care Shoe Cleaner
teodort on Monday, December 22, 2014  reviews [0]
We are committed to the highest quality Earth friendly ingredients used for our product standards as well as our dedication to our customers and distributors. We support a network of successful distributors that market our products on many levels. Quick Care cleaner is non-toxic and bio-degradable. Our Water & Stain Protector is non-aerosol and alcohol free. Our Leather Cream contains lanolin oil and carnauba oils to condition and shine. The products are safe to use on all your business, casual, and athletic shoes. The cleaner can be used on all types of shoes. It can also remove stains from car interior, carpets, golf bags, purses, leather jackets and more. The kit comes with one 8 oz. bottle of Shoe Cleaner & Conditioner that will clean 40 to 50 pairs of shoes, as well as the shoe brush.
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